We are a leading authority in market intelligence and sales strategy. We rely on carefully collected data, measured forecasts, and our own meticulously honed expertise. The scope of this service is broad and comprehensive to make sure our clients are more than one step ahead of the competition.

Market Intelligence

We thrive at investigating external data, such as market trends, absorptions, and pricing — we enjoy it and we’re good at it. Our exploration spans from macro and micro trends, to market transaction values, to competitive absorption summaries, to demand analysis.

Product Development

To be successful, product development can only be performed with in-depth market intelligence. We tap into our extensive data to define a target market before building a product. We are forensic in our research. We then develop product types and unit mix, and we design for utility, livability, aesthetic appeal, and sales results. It’s a thoughtful and thorough process.

Pricing Analysis

Like everything, we are strategic in our pricing analysis. We draw from comparables, evaluate market forecasts, and draft complex pro forma statements. Our goal: to compose a multifaceted pricing position that will deliver tremendous value and results. It’s our job to maximize our clients’ objectives, including revenue and absorptions, and deliver an outcome that will awe.

Revenue Modeling

We sketch a complex plan for revenue, interlocking value propositions, pricing, and purchaser payments. This is vital in managing revenue streams and forecasting growth. And it’s a lifeline for developers.

Land Advisory

It may be a cliché, but opportunities are everywhere. We investigate new land developments and analyze conversion scenarios, focusing on potential. Our interpretation of returns is based on the positives and negatives of technical, architectural, legal, and financial parameters.

Turnaround Projects

Some projects fail. That’s the unfortunate reality. But when it happens, we have solutions. We dive in with a rescue plan, which highlights the actions necessary to turn a failure into a success. Our approach is based on the trials and errors of senior project managers who have assessed and recovered projects across the GTA, and who have come out of the trenches in one piece.

Project Planning

We are inherent planners. Before we can delve into marketing and sales strategy and creative, there’s a lot of prep work to complete. First, an internal review is conducted alongside determining our measures of success. We construct a timeline to guide us through the project, identify possible roadblocks and solutions, define project metrics, and study trends from past projects and market reports. All in an effort to smoothly execute, monitor, control, and close a project.

Market Research & Data Analysis

We are known for our extensively researched Comprehensive Market Analyses, or CMA. These consistently updated reports include an in-depth geographical analysis, current and potential competition, resale and rental statistics, and specifics on floorplan designs, unit size identification, and amenity planning. We use a variety of reliable industry-recognized platforms to gather this valuable data, and it allows us to accurately forecast pricing, timing, sales velocity and absorption, suite mix, and EAP.

Framework Development

We comb through data collected from a variety of sources and determine how industry leaders are meeting market standards. After identifying, reviewing, and examining the KPIs, we can develop a well-considered SWOT framework.

Strategy Formulation

With the right framework in place, we can proceed with the actions that will meet our clients’ defined goals and vision. Strategy formulation is as much an art as it is a science — it’s the art of strategy formulation that drives fast growth and catapults the success of a project to new horizons. We have developed the skills and capabilities to sense early opportunities and nimbly pursue them.

Liaison & Coordination

There are many moving parts in project planning, and there needs to be a designated point person to deftly navigate the lines of communication. We assign a project liaison/coordinator to keep messaging fluent and timely between various parties.

Project Marketing

This is where storytelling and creativity merge with strategy. We devise an extensive and logical strategy to best introduce a project to the market. Using the project’s core objectives, we design a powerful story that’s in line with the market’s needs — the resulting identity will unite with consumer acceptance and perception of value. Every decision, every movement, is a tactical one.

Branding & Positioning

With our creativity turned on, we compose a captivating narrative around a strong project identity. This will flow into messaging for both marketing and sales, and provide homebuyers with clear information. The power of a strong brand story manifests into buyer confidence and monetary impact.

Marketing Strategy

Based on the project identity and positioning, we form an eloquent and clever strategy to introduce it to the market. In collaboration with our curated sales team, a layered blueprint outlines timing, target market, media buying strategies, and the marketing program as it pertains to prospecting and launching the sales program.

Marketing Execution

Having brought a great volume of projects to market, we possess a clear understanding of how to successfully turn a clever strategy into powerful action. Well-choreographed marketing execution ensures the brand narrative is flawlessly conveyed and every detail, from timing to budgets, is effectively managed. And in critical times of uncertainty, when we are up against great odds, it is our keen, quick-thinking marketing maneuvers that allow us to outwit obstacles and defy expectations.

International Marketing Programs

Thanks to cultivated relationships, our reach extends to international markets. We liaise with our strategic partners across North America and abroad to skillfully replicate our sales and marketing programs, and, in turn, yield exceptional revenue for our developer clients.


Our sales professionals are savants. Their high calibre is maintained with rigorous training and consistent mentorship. Loaded with charisma and civility, they have nurtured concrete relationships with brokers and other industry professionals, and continue to meet new people. They work with us to carefully formulate sales strategy and execution methods for each unique project.

Sales Strategy

Leveraging our relationships and experiences, our sales strategies are tailored for every client and market. They are detailed, yet adaptive, and ready to execute when results will be maximized. Employing data from our market research and our branding and positioning charettes, we craft a structured strategy customized for identity, location, and buyer demographics.

Sales Execution & Operations

Critical success factors are outlined before we execute any plan, each documented, tracked, measured, and optimized for effectiveness. While our sales culture is focused on the task at hand, we also stay fixated on key performance metrics. The hierarchy of objectives are regularly reviewed to maintain seamless alignment between our marketing and sales teams.

Sales Management & Training

Teams are specially curated for each project from our exclusive pool of sales professionals. Their knowledge is concentrated on pre-construction developments, and is broadened with continuous education. We keep them focused, motivated, and energized, and they exercise dedication and integrity to our clients. Their capabilities extend beyond sales and relationships. They are also responsible for inventory management, strategy adjustments, correspondence, and administration.

Network Cultivation

Relationships sustain us. Whether developers, brokers, or other industry professionals, we actively foster relationships with new and ongoing connections. We create community by educating the public on real estate and nurturing our group of strategic partners. This will never cease — it will only grow.

Broker Community

Support from the realtor community is an essential to realizing a project’s success. As a member of our VIP realtor society, we guarantee priority access to new projects and offerings. Under this exclusive banner, we hold info sessions, host private sales events, and provide sales reports. It’s our duty to do what we can to promote the brokers’ success and make them feel like they are part of our team. Because of our efforts, we have access to over 50,000 local brokers, plus a direct channel to domestic and international markets.

Industry Professionals

We have been building relationships for over two decades, which has led to deep connections across the industry. Our network is an intricate web of architects, engineers, cost consultants, interior designers, lawyers, and advertising, marketing, and PR agencies. These open communication channels are integral to our tailor-made marketing and sales strategies, and are readily available for our clients’ benefit.

Private Project Training / Market Outlook Sessions

We articulately educate the general public and our strategic partners on active and upcoming projects. Our comprehensive market intel reports and training sessions are distributed to select brokers and brokerages to inform and empower. We make it our responsibility as leaders to be a voice of authority on our everchanging real estate market.

Customer Care

We would not be where we are today without our clients and purchasers. Every interaction is an opportunity for us to be exceptional — from writing precise contracts to showing a purchaser design options. We move our services beyond closing a sale to offer a friendly yet professional customer experience.

Contract Management

We engage innovative systems for contract management, eliminating the need for paper and making the process both sustainable and convenient. We ensure contracts and correspondence are accurate, complete, and properly executed — this is critical in an evolving market. Clarity and timeliness go hand-in-hand with every detailed report.

Customer Communication

Homeowner feedback is vital to our continual improvement and it bolsters their and our clients’ satisfaction. We encourage the two-way flow of information with every interaction. Each point of contact is a positive experience, with timely and effective customer communication — we also offer language assistance to ensure everybody feels included. As ambassadors for our clients, we speak of the developer’s brand with the highest regard.

Lease Management

Some projects require more than sales, and we enthusiastically offer lease management services when required. Our market intelligence includes the rental market, allowing us to share strategic recommendations that will maximize results and mitigate risks. Our experienced team is well-versed in processing prospects, closing transactions, and creating an incomparable experience for clients and tenants.

Design & Pre-Deliver Services

Execution is paramount to our overall success, which is why we are committed to serving our clients post-sale. We walk purchasers through the design process, introduce them to colour selection, and offer pre-delivery services — whatever we can do to deliver the client’s promise.


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